A Daunting Prospect – Returning to Study

Returning to study can be a daunting prospect. The fear of the unknown puts many potential students off when there is really no need. Whether is the fear of juggling time (work, study, family), mixing with younger students or the financial stress, choosing a Registered Training Organisation can be the key.

At YNH, we strive to put the student’s mind at ease and give them a positive learning environment where they gain the confidence to tackle what lies ahead. We aim to support every student and give him or her the necessary encouragement and confidence to reach his or her full potential.

This was evident in a recent testimonial sent into our local paper titled ‘Courage and Confidence thanks to YNH’ by a student who recently completed our Certificate III in Individual Support.

A Daunting Prospect - Returning to Study

To start students like Benjamin off they first complete a Prepare for Study Program. This is particularly useful as it gives them a gentle introduction to study and helps them gain the necessary tools to tackle a certificate level accredited course.

The Prepare for Study program helps students establish what their learning style is, create learning plans and SMART goals. It teaches them to get Tech Savvy by using E-learning, the use of USB sticks and teaches the basic of Microsoft Word. It then moves on to creating a Career Plan, improving employability skills, planning a timetable and developing study skills.


So whether you are looking for a career change, improve your chances or employment or promotion or just looking to further ever expanding wealth of knowledge. Do not be afraid to jump right in, you will be surprised just how many people are willing to help & support you on your journey.

YNH is running an online Prepare for Study course starting Wednesday 2nd August and finishing on Wednesday 6th September. You can Register you Interest by clicking here or Enrol by click here.

We all know breaking out of our comfort zones is a daunting prospect but it is an important part of growth and enhances our future prospects.

Well done and congratulations to Benjamin O’Neill and all of our recently graduated students.