Help for veterans is now available at the Australian Department of Human Services Yarrawonga Agent.
Staff at the Agent have been trained to help veterans, their families and their carers access Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) services.

The staff can help people to:
–  access DVA digital services
–  link their DVA MyAccount to myGov
–  use the DVA website
–  claim payments and travel expenses online
–  update income and assets online
–  call DVA using the phone provided
–  access some DVA brochures and products
–  use the fax or printer for DVA related business
–  locate DVA support services.

Agents are organisations in your community who have been trained to help people do business with the Department of Human Services.

Support for veterans and their families is part of a pilot service for a limited time.

Agents are not Department of Human Services or Department of Veterans’ Affairs staff.

At this Agent people can also:
–  certify their Centrelink identity documents
–  use the telephone to access the department’s self service options, claim Medicare rebates, speak to the      Department of Human Services and call prospective employers
–  fax and photocopy documents
–  use the department’s computer to access and other government programs and services and to search for jobs
–  lodge forms and pick up other forms and brochures.

Help from the Agent is free and no appointment is needed.

The Yarrawonga Agent is open for self service from 9.00am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday at the Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House, 1 Hargrave Crt, Yarrawonga
Assisted self service is available from 9.00 to 3.00 pm, Monday to Friday.